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The School

Since 2001, InterAction has been providing the best performing arts programming for children and youth in New Brunswick. InterAction's members are trained in all aspects of performing arts, with a strong focus on creative self-expression, self-confidence, and group work. The InterAction School of Performing Art's teachers and directors are professional teaching artists  actors, choreographers, musicians, dancers, and performers, who create a safe, fun, and energetic environment in which children feel free to create, challenge themselves, make lasting friendships,  and learn.


Our Home

In the fall of 2011 the InterAction School of Performing Arts moved to a new location at 228 Germain Street in Saint John, New Brunswick, and the company purchased the building in 2013.  We are excited to make this historic building, the former home of the historic Germain Street Baptist Church, our permanent home.  This facility provides us with a presense in the historic Uptown Area and is home to expanded classrooms, studios, community gathering spaces, and two performance venues.  


Community Commitment

We are committed to the community in which we live, and are dedicated to the idea that any child who has a desire to learn by way of the performing arts should have access to top quality opportunites regardless of financial capacity or other limiting circumstances. 


Our Students

Our students have appeared in feature films, television commericals, short fims, radio and print ads, and on stages throughout the region. They have gone to become actors, musicians and dancers as well as doctors, lawyers, journalists and many other professions. Regardless as to the path they have followed, they all carry a love of the arts and an appreciation for the value of the opportunities at InterAction. Our most important outcome is children who are self-confident, energetic, and empathetic with a creative outlook on the world around them!

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