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Unleash your child's inner rock star in our high-energy KinderRock Class for 4 to 6-year-olds! They'll explore drums, guitars, and keyboards, developing rhythmic skills, songwriting, and teamwork. End-of-term Group Music Showcases let parents witness their progress, with a year end Music Department Show at the Imperial Theatre on June 16, 2024! Join us for a rockin' adventure in music!

Recreation Music 

Have you always wanted to join a band or learn an instrument, but you’re not sure which is right for you? Rec Music will give students a chance to try out the guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, learn the basics, and rock out in a group. A great way to learn a new skill, make friends, and share your interest in music.

Group Music 

Join our dynamic group music class for aspiring musicians! Explore guitars, drums, bass, and keyboards, honing essential techniques and stage presence. Experience the thrill of collaboration, song arrangements, and electrifying performances. Showcase your talents in exciting end-of-term showcases, delivering captivating musical experiences. Embark on a musical journey and join us to elevate your skills!​

Group Voice

Discover the world of singing in our class for young singers! Our instructors will guide students through vocal techniques, harmony exploration, and stage performance. With engaging activities and group exercises, they'll gain confidence, pitch accuracy, and stage presence. Join us to nurture their musical talents, foster teamwork, and create lifelong memories as their voices soar to new heights!

Guitar/Bass Improvisation

Join our group Guitar and Bass Improvisation Class for an exciting musical experience! Led by local guitarist Sebastian Fleet, this class is designed to explore spontaneous creativity and enhance your skills. Learn various improvisation techniques, gain confidence in playing, and express yourself through music. Whether you're a guitarist or bassist, come jam with us and grow as musicians in a fun and supportive environment!


 We offer private lessons on Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Ukulele and Cello.

Private lessons combine musical theory and practical application, while preparing students for live musical performances.
Students are given instruction based on their skill level and interest and are encouraged to collaborate with other musicians in our programs.

Weekly private lessons: $25/30mins, billed monthly



Please call (506) 674-9192 or email for availability.

For our billing and attendance policies, please click here.


PLEASE NOTE: All group classes classes run September-June. 

Our school year consists of three terms: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Tuition fees listed here are for the current term. 

For more information, please check our payment policies.


There will be no regular weekly classes Truth & Reconcilliation,Thanksgiving Weekend, Remembrance Day, Christmas Break, March Break, Easter Weekend, Victoria Day Weekend.

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