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(Mar 28 -Jun 9, 2023)

Recreation Music 

Have you always wanted to join a band or learn an instrument, but you’re not sure which is right for you? Rec Music will give students a chance to try out the guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, learn the basics, and rock out in a group. A great way to learn a new skill, make friends, and share your interest in music.

Group Performance 

This course will improve student’s live performance skills as they prepare for public performances. Working individually and in groups, students will learn how to collaborate with other musicians in a team environment while rehearsing material for the stage. Suitable for intermediate and advanced performers.​


KinderROCK gives budding young musicians an opportunity to play in a group! Students get to try different instruments, sing familiar songs and even write their own! No experience necessary.


 We offer private lessons on Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Ukulele and Cello.

Private lessons combine musical theory and practical application, while preparing students for live musical performances.
Students are given instruction based on their skill level and interest and are encouraged to collaborate with other musicians in our programs.

Single lesson:

Annual rate (33 weeks):
$750 - 30 mins weekly
$1425 - 60 mins weekly


Please call (506) 674-9192 or email for availability.

For our billing and attendance policies, please click here.



Corey Bonnevie is a musician, audio engineer, and community organizer based in Saint John, New Brunswick. His music projects include Little You Little Me, Doctor Mother Father, and Tooth & the Fang. He is the owner and operator of Monopolized Studios and Records, a professional recording environment equipped to capture all styles of music and a qualified representation service for artists to reach local and global markets. Corey is involved with recording and releasing a variety of regional projects such as Doctor Mother Father, Little You Little Me, Sadie, Papal Visit, and Greville Tapes Music Club. Corey is a founding member of Quality Block Party, an annual music festival based in Saint John.


For live sound and audio production lessons, Corey is offering his 15 + years of being a sound engineer and studio musician. The lessons are much like a lesson for any instrument, with one-on-one sessions to focus on the interest of the student. Here’s a list of potential topics:


  • Setting up a PA

  • Mixing live sound for a band

  • Setting up a home studio

  • Making a record or single (Tracking, Mixing, Mastering)

  • Microphone placement for live and studio applications

  • Audio compression (where and why to use it.. what is it?)

  • Applying effects, such as Reverb, Delay, Chorus…


Lessons are open for anyone at any level. Audio fundamentals is not a topic taught anywhere other than post secondary institutes for audio engineering or internships at audio based businesses (Recording studio, or Venue). Whether it’s for personal projects or a potential career, Corey is ready to help students explore all things related to sound.

Please call (506) 674-9192 or email to enrol.

PLEASE NOTE: All group classes classes run September-June. 

Our school year consists of three terms: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Tuition fees listed here are for the current term. 

For more information, please check our payment policies.


There will be no regular weekly classes Thanksgiving Weekend, Remembrance Day, Christmas Break, March Break, Easter Weekend, Victoria Day Weekend.

For more information, please check Important Dates 2022-2023.

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