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Welcome to Kinder Act, an immersive play-based theatre program for 3-6 year olds. Through storytelling, music, movement, and interactive play, our experienced instructors nurture your child's love for performing arts. They'll develop confidence, creativity, and social skills while exploring characters and creating mini-productions. Join us, where imaginations soar and young actors shine!


Ignite your passion for the stage in our exhilarating acting class! Led by experienced instructors, we focus on acting techniques, character development, and stage presence. Embracing a play-based, non-competitive philosophy, we foster a nurturing environment where creativity thrives. Join us and let your talent shine on the stage!!

Musical Theatre

Immerse yourself in the world of musical theatre with our dynamic and inspiring class! Led by experienced instructors, we dive into singing, dancing, and acting to develop well-rounded performers. From vocal training and choreography to character development, students explore the magic of storytelling on stage. With a focus on teamwork and artistic expression, our class fosters confidence, creativity, and a love for musical theatre. Join us and let your talents shine in a vibrant community of performers, where the stage becomes your home!

Advanced Performance Company (APCo) 

This audition-only program is dedicated to fostering artistic growth in a creative play-based and non-competitive ensemble environment. Led by experienced instructors, our company members undergo intensive training to enhance their skills and explore their artistic potential. While preparing for our highly anticipated production of "The Lightning Thief" at the prestigious Imperial Theatre, we prioritize collaboration, self-expression, and a supportive ensemble community. Auditions for the 2024 season will take place in June 2024. Stay tuned for more information, and become part of our incredible performing arts community!


All students registered in Theatre Department classes are given opportunities to perform

in class showcases as well as in our spring productions. 

PLEASE NOTE: All group classes classes run September-June. 

Our school year consists of three terms: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Tuition fees listed here are for the current term. 

For more information, please check our payment policies.


There will be no regular weekly classes Truth & Reconcilliation,Thanksgiving Weekend, Remembrance Day, Christmas Break, March Break, Easter Weekend, Victoria Day Weekend.

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