Note: classes run September-June; tuition fees listed here are for the current term. For more information, see our payment policies.

KinderDANCE Creative Movement

KinderDANCE encourages preschool children of all abilities to move freely and build confidence using imagination, spontaneity, and creativity.


Tap dancing allows dancers to make music with their feet by performing rhythm-based tap choreography. Our tap class will enhance the student's timing and coordination through a variety of exercises and combinations. Steps are taught varying in difficulty progressively allowing for each dancer to master their technique at their own pace. From flaps to double time-steps, tap is a fun dance class anyone can enjoy!

Hip Hop 

This high-energy class consists of a combination of different techniques such as popping, locking, breaking, and top-rocking. This groove-based style allows dancers to learn the latest dance moves to the hottest new music all while improving rhythm, freestyle movements, and self-confidence. No previous dance experience is necessary for the class but be prepared to work hard, challenge yourself, and have fun!


This class focuses on creating a foundation in ballet, while also preparing students for further study in dance and movement. This class emphasizes creativity, imagination, play, and rhythm in order to explore movement. Students will be introduced to basic ballet vocabulary and etiquette, age appropriate stretches, and positions of the legs and arms, while they explore dance through creative movement and play. Students should wear comfortable, movable clothes. This can include: body suit and tights, with or without skirt, or fitted leggings of any length with a comfortable top. All students should wear elastic ballet slippers in any colour. Hair should be pulled back away from the face.