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  • As per provincial guidelines, all individuals aged 12 and older will be required to provide proof of vaccination to access indoor organized group recreational activities and classes. For more information, please visit

  • Masks must be worn by Staff and Students at all times, while cases continue to rise, as per Public School protocols mandated by Province of NB. This will be reassessed by the province the week of September 27. 

  • Everyone entering the facility is required to sanitize their hands at the entrance, before proceeding.

  • Students are required to sanitize their hands before and after using shared instruments or objects. 

  • Students will enter through the Sanctuary doors and leave through the middle doors. Parents of children in grade 8 and under are required to meet the instructor at the pickup doors.

  • Parent waiting area (lobby) is not available this year. Parents of middle school and younger students should accompany children to the door.

  • Parents are required to pre-screen their child prior to arrival. As variants are still present, in spite of being in a Green Recovery Phase, it is critical that all Staff and Students continue to perform Self Screening prior to attending InterAction, referencing the most current guidance from GNB, as per this document.





  • Fever above 38 degrees Celsius?

  • New cough or worsening cough?

  • Sore throat?

  • Runny nose?

  • Headache?

  • New onset fatigue?

  • New onset muscle pain?

  • Diarrhea?

  • Loss of taste or smell?

  • In children, purple markings on fingers or toes?


If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions:

  • You MAY NOT ENTER the building


  • CONTACT Public Health at 811 for further direction

  • If testing is required, Public Health will inform the individual or parent/guardian when isolation may be lifted.


If you’re going to be late or absent for a class, please let us know in advance! You can email or call us at 506-674-9192.

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